Bella Moon Studios

Teaching little stars to shine


To register for a class at Bella Moon Studios please follow these steps. 

1. Call Shannon at 905 320 4038 to reserve your child's place in the class of your choice. 

2. Complete a registration form, available on our website. 

3. Email your registration form to 

4.  Use your online banking to send the appropriate registration fee using an email money transfer to the same above email.

5. Your registration is now complete. Bella Moon Studios will confirm receipt within a few days once your registration is received.

Dress Code Dance attire & shoes may be purchased at a variety of local stores. 

There are no additional costume fees involved for recitals. Students will perform their recital pieces in their regular ballet attire with props/costumes provided by Bella Moon Studios. 

Refund Policy:  In the event that your child is unable to complete the session for any reason, a credit will be issued to you to be used towards another session, camp or class in the future. 

There are no cash refunds, as classes run based on minimum number requirements and ratios and spaces are limited.