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Welcome to Bella Moon Studios

Welcome to Bella Moon Studios.   Bella Moon is a recreational dance studio offering creative dance and yoga classes for children in a supportive environment since 2005.  We offer 10 and 12 week dance sessions fall, winter, spring and summer. Our instructors are registered Early Childhood Educators sharing their passion for dance with the children in our community. As a recreational studio there is no pressure or competition.  Our emphasis is on creating a joyful experience and teaching our dancers to always do their personal best.  Our time in the studio is our time to shine.   At Bella Moon we value the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our young dancer’s early Arts experience.  We hope to inspire creative thinking and imagination within our dancers and strive to provide our students with a sense of success and accomplishment as they build skills, self-esteem and confidence in class.   As educators we recognize individual strengths, areas of emerging development, and modify exercises as necessary to accommodate individual needs.  We support inclusion and promote early social development and healthy relationships by encouraging positive peer interaction.  We believe every child deserves to have wonderful childhood memories in a positive and creative environment.  It is not always  financially possible  for families  to provide extracurricular activities for their children.  Bella Moon Studios understands these circumstances and will be holding a few spots in each class for students in these situations to make sure they don’t miss out on these important experiences.  Please contact Shannon to make special arrangements if necessary.   Thank you to all our wonderful students and their families for their ongoing support.  Our students bring such joy and inspiration to us, all the time and energy we put into classes and recitals is a reflection of the happiness and adoration we have for them and all their accomplishments.  Every class we strive to fill our students’ hearts with positive energy, a strong belief in themselves and all their potential.  At Bella Moon Studios we are dedicated to making a positive contribution to today’s little stars while helping to guide them towards a brighter tomorrow.   We look forward to another year full of giggles and pigtails, tippy toes and ballerina turns and most of all bright eyed lighthearted dancers.

08/12/18 Recital. Roasting marshmallows, pond hockey, Hot cocoa, The Tragically Hip. Canadian girls.

Our Mission

Bella Moon Studios is committed to providing children with quality recreational dance classes in an inclusive environment.  

We value the opportunity to inspire creativity and imagination within our students, contributing to their early arts experience.  We believe the Arts enhance childhood and provide positive effects on child development.  

Bella Moon Studios is my delighted contribution to the Burlington Arts community.  Since we opened in 2005, I have been steadily teaching, developing classes and finding ways to grow creatively as a teacher. When I started Bella Moon I wanted to create a studio that was all about the joy of dance.  I imagined a place without the pressure of competition and dreamed instead of creating a studio which provided an inspiring environment encouraging self expression and fostering creative growth.    

Surrounded by my dancers; I often remember myself as a young dancer, bright-eyed and shy, eager yet a little afraid.   Step by step, I discovered my potential; class after class, year after year.  My love for dance inspired me to explore other areas of the Arts.  Music, drama, fine art all became interests which led to many wonderful experiences and a lifelong passion for the Performing Arts.    The Arts provide children with so much more than just a weekly activity.  They evoke imagination and offer children an outlet for their thoughts, feelings and everyday stresses.  Today’s world moves so fast for our children, giving a child a creative outlet can help them cope with difficult situations and provide them with a positive avenue to express their feelings and develop a skill.  As children, we rely on our parents to provide us with experiences that fill us up with confidence and inspiration.  These experiences shape us and our dreams.  I am so grateful for my parents, who saw the light in my eyes when I was performing and always encouraged my creative pursuits. I see this same light in the eyes of my Bella Moon dancers, young and free to explore their ideas and express themselves.  I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to fill my dancers with joy and inspiration to help shape them as young girls and encourage them to follow their dreams.  

Our Current Class Offerings

Baby Ballet/Music Play 2.5-5 years.

Creative Dance/Kiddie Hop 4-8 years

KinderJoy Yoga 4-9 years

Kids Yoga 7-12 years

Ballet/Hip Hop 3.5-6 years


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